19 November 2011

ALICANTE - SPAIN - time to chill out :)

During the November I was in Alicante with people from Juggling/Circus Association of Alicante "Donyet Ardit" http://www.donyetardit.blogspot.com/.

Thanks to Federico Menini for taking me there (Federico is EJA contact person for Jugglers from Latin America) - sun, warm, good food, wine....

Thanks very much for a great time !!!
I love you !!!

With The Circus Association of Alicante (Spain)
That's me. I feel good. It's warm in Spain :)
With Roman !
With Roman and Dani !
Drinking a beer with Luis !
With Fede !
With David !
With Dani !
With Cris !
Some meditation will be good for me :)
Kissing with David :)

18 November 2011

TURKEY - some pictures

I got some more pictures from Turkey (thanks Federico :)

Practice or not practice?
Lots of people take care of me. Nice :)
This is Erol- Turkish juggler

16 November 2011

15 November 2011

Bristol - checking out the traders

Shiny new diabolo, anyone?
Oooo, dangerous things!
Bargain bucket – everything a euro! Let’s see what we can find then…..
Catching up with Shaun on the Butterfingers stall
A spot of crystal ball gazing – I see a great convention in Poland in the future!
Lots of balls on the Beard stall!
These would make a good swing!
No, I don’t think this clown costume suits me
Nah, they aren’t as nice as my clubs!

14 November 2011

Bristol - cooking breakfast for everyone

Ron – listen to me, you’re doing it all wrong!
Is it ready yet?
Looks like scrambled eggs to me!
I don’t care if we are living in a field, presentation is very important!

12 November 2011

Bristol - thursday night is poker tournament night

Thought I should have sunglasses so people can’t see my eyes! Thanks Chris for making me some.
Me and Stuart teamed up for the tournament. Looks like we’re dealing the next hand
Fold, man, fold!
I’ll see your ten, and raise you ten
Time for a quick nap between hands
Cool, more chips for us!
Just counting the cards!
Yeee-Haw. We came 4th and won 15GBP – that’s about 78 Polish Złoty.