24 August 2011

(MUNICH) Meeting the traders

Meeting Henry, he makes real good clubs, you know :)
Oooo, a shiny new juggling ball!
Do my hooves look big in these?
What a shame, my legs aren’t long enough yet…
EJC Special – yep, that’s me!
All this shopping is hard work – I’ll just take a little snooze!
This unicycle is just the right colour for me!
Yeah, Man, I got da dreadlocks happening now!
Ah, Kaskade – what a great magazine!
Learning to play the percussion toy Patica
Well, you never know WHAT you might find on the traders stalls!
This lovely lady from Germany game me an ‘Angel of Good Luck’ pendant for my travels!
Oh, my balls are glowing!!
Ooooo, more glowing stuff!