23 October 2011

Turkey - A whole new experience!

This is Efe. He won a special prize in the games - – the chance to do a tandem paraglide from the top of Mount Tahtali, and he took me along too!
This is us – just before we landed. It was AMAZING!
Taking the cable car up Mount Tahtali – a very long way up!
I think I can see my tent down there
Flag pole balancing!!
Wow – it’s a long way down. Best not fall – I’m a city goat, not a mountain goat
Hi Guys, remember me?
Been there, done that!
This was my pilot when I flew – he was very pleased to see me again!
Me, the pilot and the guy who pushed us off catching up outside their office

22 October 2011

Turkey - The Police

Uh oh, I’m being followed by the Police!
Um, could someone call me a lawyer? I might need one. Hope that Turkish police cells are comfortable!

21 October 2011

Turkey - After the parade

Ah, food – just what I need!
I met a carpet seller called Ali – he made me a cup of Turkish tea!
Ice-cream! Just what I need after that long walk in the sun!
A local shopkeeper. I shook hands with lots of locals along the parade route. They seemed to like me!
Watching the opening show

20 October 2011

Turkey - Exploring the statues in Tekirova

Turkey - The parade

Another fine looking lady!
And another lift!
Hitching a ride with some locals
You strum it, and I’ll sing!
A friendly local!
It’s surprising what you come across on a parade route!
My first ever juggling parade – and the first time they have had one at this convention too
Oo La La! Well, Hello Ladies!
Oh look – more of my t-shirts. There are now 6 people here wearing them!!

Turkey - Getting ready for a night out

Perhaps a little hair gel – I’ve got to look good for the ladies!!
How am I looking? As handsome as ever?

19 October 2011

17 October 2011

Turkey - Hanging out at the bar

What’s a goat gotta do to get served around here?!
Guess I’ll just serve myself then!
Lining my drinks up – beer, wine and Raki!
Oh boy, that Raki sure does strange things to your insides! Maybe I had one too many?!
Just hanging around the bar!
It’s very simple, Christian – you take me to the bar and give me all your Lira, then I spend them on Raki and beer for me!
A hammock by the bar – good idea!