27 December 2011

MADRID - SPAIN - meeting crazy Madrid jugglers

After stay in Cartagena, I went to Madrid to celebrate the end of the year. I was partying with some jugglers... Fede introduced me to Carlos and I stayed in Madrid :)!

Hi - I'm Lubby, hi - I'm Carlos. See you Fede :). Thanks for everythink!
Arrival in Madrid
With Arancha !
With Carlos !
With Cris !
With Lucas !

16 December 2011

CARTAGENA - SPAIN - taking part in the show!

After spending some time in ALicante I "moved" for a while to Cartagena (region of Murcia). I was in the Circus School of Cartagena http://www.malabagic.blogspot.com/
I was invited to take part in a Chrismas Circus Gala Show of Cartagena (well... I am professional juggler, right?!).

Thank you Cartagena! Love you!

During a show in Cartagena - look closely - I am on the stage with the host of the show!
With Guillem, Luis, and Felipe, before a show
With Jose

19 November 2011

ALICANTE - SPAIN - time to chill out :)

During the November I was in Alicante with people from Juggling/Circus Association of Alicante "Donyet Ardit" http://www.donyetardit.blogspot.com/.

Thanks to Federico Menini for taking me there (Federico is EJA contact person for Jugglers from Latin America) - sun, warm, good food, wine....

Thanks very much for a great time !!!
I love you !!!

With The Circus Association of Alicante (Spain)
That's me. I feel good. It's warm in Spain :)
With Roman !
With Roman and Dani !
Drinking a beer with Luis !
With Fede !
With David !
With Dani !
With Cris !
Some meditation will be good for me :)
Kissing with David :)

18 November 2011

TURKEY - some pictures

I got some more pictures from Turkey (thanks Federico :)

Practice or not practice?
Lots of people take care of me. Nice :)
This is Erol- Turkish juggler

16 November 2011

15 November 2011

Bristol - checking out the traders

Shiny new diabolo, anyone?
Oooo, dangerous things!
Bargain bucket – everything a euro! Let’s see what we can find then…..
Catching up with Shaun on the Butterfingers stall
A spot of crystal ball gazing – I see a great convention in Poland in the future!
Lots of balls on the Beard stall!
These would make a good swing!
No, I don’t think this clown costume suits me
Nah, they aren’t as nice as my clubs!

14 November 2011

Bristol - cooking breakfast for everyone

Ron – listen to me, you’re doing it all wrong!
Is it ready yet?
Looks like scrambled eggs to me!
I don’t care if we are living in a field, presentation is very important!